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Matoa Watch

By: Reyza Ramadhan

Nothing goes wrong with wooden watch, let’s desiring after a Bandung based atelier that turns discarded wood from local furniture makers into watches. Matoa wanted to take nature to the next level, and tying in with its brand name, which stands for the bold, the crisp, and the exotic. Two dozens workers strive around the day to create 25 watches each day. This watch has by far the best presentations wooden watch cration which I have ever seen. The watches are sold in countries including the United States, Germany, Singapore, China, Japan and South Africa. Choose from the Matoa Rote and Matoa Gili, made of sturdy Macassar ebony wood, the Matoa Sumba, made from combination two-ply, Jati Sungkai wood, Matoa Flores, made from a single piece of wood, and the Matoa Moyo, made of Canadian maple wood.

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Speaking more about Flores as my favourite. The MATOA Flores wood watch is handcrafted out of a single piece of wood. Because of this it is extremely strong. This wood is ideal material for a solid wooden watch. On the first piece of the watch-strap, and on the closure, a M is engraved, which stands for ‘Matoa’. This wooden clock is unlike metal watch, Matoa considerably very light because it weighs less than 100 grams and it does not bother while moving the wrist. Neither the screw nor the closure are noticeable and the longer you wear the watch the more you forget that you are still wearing it what is perfect in my opinion. The watch is in a mahogany branch, which has on the upper side an engraved with the name of the brand and the label ‘Wonderful Indonesia’. The dial of the watch is made from uses four lines which indicate the hours 3,6,9 and 12. These lines, as well as the two hands have a golden hue. Lastly, Matoa promise you wont be disappointed with the craftsmanship and quality.




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